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Simplify project leaders' life with simple and efficient teamwork and decision making


  • ...easily all the ideas from the team using one or several open questions
  • Anonymous and fun
  • Remote or under one roof


  • ...all or part of the ideas
  • Your criteria, customizable
  • Simple, fast, whenever it is most convenient for each one


  • ...best ideas ranking
  • Get precious insights on the team: dynamics, consensus, debates...
  • Instantaneous reports, ready for sharing, effortless and hasslefree
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5 to 500+
Smart anonymity
Customizable UI
Instant reports
Expert analysis

BNP Paribas Cardif

Transformation – Engage actively 60 leaders to set improvement priorities and kick off successfully a major transformation plan


Innovation – Support new product roll-out with remote innovation workshops, engaging local stakeholders... across 11 countries and 4 continents


Commercial impact – Bring together 60 people, 8 entities of a consortium to design and submit the best, most differentiated proposition to a large RFP


Management – Anchor continuous improvement across a 300 people business unit... without the usual workshops nor the townhall meetings

Delaware Consulting

Strategy – Design in a collaborative way a strategic roadmap... with 50 key talents scattered across the globe


Strategy – Build up the 3-year plan with a mix of open collaboration and expertise leverage, with 35 people from 30 sites


Human Resources – Drive a complex and heterogeneous HR organization towards tighter integration, stronger efficiency, while building on best practices and local experiments through regular on-line seminars