Privacy Policy

1. Purpose / Scope of application

The present FLUIDITY Privacy Policy applies to the policy implemented by the company called Agence FLUIDITY concerning the collection and use of your information when visiting the FLUIDITY website

This document explains (I) the origin and nature of the data that FLUIDITY collects, (II) the reason that it is collected, (III) the way that we use it and (IV) the rights that you have regarding this data, in conformity with law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 modified (referred to as the “Informatique et Liberté” (Information Systems and Freedoms) law).

The FLUIDITY Privacy Policy is also significant because it guarantees you a positive experience founded on trust when visiting the FLUIDITY websites or when using FLUIDITY services. It also allows us to respond precisely and completely to your questions concerning the collection and use of your personal information.

Furthermore, each FLUIDITY product or service may, if necessary, be accompanied by specific provisions regarding personal information and confidentiality, all of which are stated in the related terms and conditions of use.

The FLUIDITY Privacy Policy does not apply to third-party websites or mobile applications to which you could be redirected when using the FLUIDITY websites and applications. We invite you to view the disclaimers and privacy policies of these sites.

Lastly, taking into account the fast evolution of web technologies, FLUIDITY reserves the right to regularly make modifications to the FLUIDITY Privacy Policy. As such, we invite you to view the content of this policy regularly.

By using the FLUIDITY websites and/or services, you declare to understand and agree to accept the terms of the FLUIDITY Privacy Policy without reserve.

2. Nature of the information collected by FLUIDITY

When viewing the websites or using the services of FLUIDITY, our company collects information which concerns you in two ways:

  • Directly, when you complete our forms and/or newsletter requests by providing the information which concerns you (such as your name, email address, etc.) (hereafter “Personal information” and/or
  • Automatically, without you completing forms (hereafter “Browser Data“).

3. Communication of your Personal Information

3.1 Collection of your consent

To satisfy the purposes listed in Article 5 of the FLUIDITY Privacy Policy, FLUIDITY may establish a file made up of Personal Information provided at the time of the creation of a user account, when completing forms and/or when using the sites and/or services of FLUIDITY.

In the present document, you are informed about the manner and conditions under which FLUIDITY processes your Personal Information.

You may give your express approval beforehand for collection and processing of your personal information by FLUIDITY, on the FLUIDITY websites and/or when using the FLUIDITY services, in conformity with the provisions of the law on Information Systems and Freedoms (notably, by means of boxes to be checked).

3.2 Personal Information collected by FLUIDITY

FLUIDITY may collect the following personal information from you directly, when creating a user account, when completing forms and/or when using the FLUIDITY sites and/or services:

  • your last name, first name, email address;
  • name of your company, your country
  • your identifiers (username and password);
  • your opinion concerning the FLUIDITY services;

4. Collection of Browser Data

Browser Data notably concerns:

  • the identifier and content of a cookie stored by us on your terminal;
  • the IP (Internet Protocol) address of the terminal connected to the Internet;
  • the date and time of connection of a terminal to an electronic communication service;
  • the type of operating system used by the terminal (Windows, MacOs, etc.);
  • the type and version of the browser software used by a terminal (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.);
  • the language of use of the browser software used by the terminal.

Browser Data is collected by the installation of cookies on your terminal (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

A cookie is a small file downloaded to your terminal when you visit a website, which makes it possible to activate certain website functionalities and FLUIDITY services. Cookies may be installed at the initiative of FLUIDITY or by third parties to satisfy the purposes indicated in Article 5 of the present document (such as, notably, identifying your computer, generally securing your access to the FLUIDITY sites and/or services, etc.).

4.1 Type of cookies installed from the FLUIDITY sites

Technical cookies and cookies related to functionality

These cookies allow FLUIDITY:

  • to implement security measures for the FLUIDITY websites and applications;
  • to improve your comfort when browsing, notably by giving you access to specific functionalities making it possible to improve the fluidity and personalization of your browsing experience such as, for example:
    • adapting the presentation of the FLUIDITY websites or services to the display preferences of your terminal (language used, display resolution, etc.);
    • memorizing your Personal Information in a form which you have completed at the time of your subscription to one of the FLUIDITY services;
    • storing of FLUIDITY websites and/or services for faster access to these various pages.

Removal of these cookies does not prevent browsing on the FLUIDITY websites, but it is likely to significantly downgrade the user experience. Removing these cookies may also prevent normal use of FLUIDITY applications and/or services.

You may configure your web browser in a restricted manner, block or remove the cookies of the FLUIDITY sites and/or services, regardless of the browser used. See 4.2 Configuration of web browsers and of your terminal.

Cookies for audience measurement and tracking of your activity

These cookies allow FLUIDITY:

  • to establish statistics concerning the volumes of visitation of FLUIDITY websites and services (number of visits, of single visitors, of pages viewed, etc.) and to compile reports and statistics concerning the use of various elements (headers and content visited, clickstream);
  • to improve the interest and ergonomics of the FLUIDITY websites and services, and of the various elements that they include;
  • to offer you editorial content adapted to your interests;
  • to detect eventual browsing difficulties.

Removal of these cookies does not prevent browsing on the FLUIDITY websites. However, refusing cookies could have the effect of displaying editorial content which is not suited to your centers of interest.

Period of retention: these cookies have a maximum lifespan of 13 months after first being placed on the user terminal.

If you do not want the FLUIDITY sites and/or services to record cookies on your terminal, you may click the links below:

List of tracking cookies used by FLUIDITY

Cookie Name

Information links / how to desactivate

Google Analytics

  • Cookies placed on FLUIDITY sites by third parties

    FLUIDITY may include computer applications from third parties on the FLUIDITY websites and/or services, which allow you to share content coming from FLUIDITY websites and/or services with other persons, or share your viewing experience or opinions concerning content from the FLUIDITY websites or services with others.

    This is notably the case for the “Partager” (Share) or “J’aime” (Like) buttons from the social networks such as “Facebook” “Twitter”, “LinkedIn”, “Viadeo”, and other similar sites.

    The fact that a social network or media provides such a button makes it possible for you to be identified, even if you did not use this button when viewing the FLUIDITY websites and/or services. In fact, this type of button may allow the relevant social network or media to track your browsing on the FLUIDITY websites and/or services, due solely to the fact that your account on the social network or media was active on your terminal (open session) while browsing the FLUIDITY websites and/or services.

    FLUIDITY has no control over the process used by the social networks to collect information relative to your browsing on the FLUIDITY websites or services, and associated with the personal information at their disposal.

    FLUIDITY invites you to view the privacy protection policies of these social networks to become familiar with the manner of collection, purposes for use– notably advertising– and browser information which they may collect thanks to these buttons. These protection policies may allow you to exercise your choices with these social networks, notably by setting the parameters of your user accounts on each of these networks.

    To become familiar with the privacy protection policy of the aforementioned social networks (without this list being exhaustive), click the URL of your choice:

4.2 Configuration of web browsers and of your terminal

You may configure your web browser in a restricted manner, block, or remove the cookies of the FLUIDITY sites and/or services, regardless of the browser used. Thus, based on the specificities of the principal web browsers available, you may view the settings or confidentiality menu of the browser of your choice.

Regarding the principal browsers available free of charge as of the effective date of the FLUIDITY Privacy Policy (without this list being exhaustive):

Each User may configure the parameters of data sharing, confidentiality and Internet browsing from the settings menu of his terminal when such functionality is available.

5. Use of your Personal Information by FLUIDITY

Les Informations Personnelles que FLUIDITY collecte directement auprès de vous, notamment lors de la création d’un compte utilisateur ou de votre utilisation des sites et/ou services FLUIDITY, peuvent être traitées en vue des finalités suivantes :

The Personal Information that FLUIDITY collects directly from you, notably when creating a user account or when using the FLUIDITY sites and/or services, may be processed for the following purposes:

  • To perform “customer management” operations concerning:
    • your requests (requests for information, estimates, orders);
    • the supply of FLUIDITY services;
    • monitoring of the “customer relationship” (such as performing satisfaction surveys, handling of complaints, etc.).
  • To improve your user experience on the FLUIDITY websites and applications:
    • To handle your requests related to the right to access, correct or express objection regarding your personal information;
    • To handle eventual outstanding amounts due or disputes;
    • To manage your opinions concerning FLUIDITY services (as well as the content/products made available via the FLUIDITY sites or services);
    • To recognize you when you are browsing and, if applicable, to adapt the FLUIDITY websites and services, as well as the content and advertising that they diffuse (I) to the characteristics that you have provided and which may be known by FLUIDITY (age, sex, etc.) and, if applicable, (II) to your previous visits, of which FLUIDITY may be aware;
  • To conduct operations relative to prospecting, including:
    • management of technical operations of prospection (which notably includes technical operations such as standardization, enrichment of your Personal Information and elimination of duplicates); development of commercial statistics;
    • performance of sales activities (in conformity with the provisions of Article 7 hereafter);
    • transfer, lease or exchange of our files containing your Personal Information (in conformity with the provisions of Article 7 hereafter);
    • establishment of profiles, for conducting activities aimed at building customer loyalty, prospecting, surveys and targeted promotions.

6. Recipients of your personal information

Those who may access your Personal Information include:

  • the personnel of FLUIDITY in the marketing or sales departments, the departments in charge of handling customer relations and prospection, the administrative departments, the departments responsible for auditing of internal procedures, the logistics and IT departments, as well as their hierarchical managers;
  • persons responsible for auditing (internal to FLUIDITY but also the statutory auditor, etc.)
  • subcontractors within the framework of signed contracts (I) mentioning the obligations incumbent upon them regarding security and confidentiality of personal data under the Law on Information Systems and Freedoms and (II) notably specifying the objectives of security having to be attained;
  • current or future subsidiaries of FLUIDITY;
  • ministerial officers and auxiliaries of the legal system, if applicable, within the framework of exercising any procedure and/or provision of public law and order;
  • commercial partners of FLUIDITY (in conformity with the provisions of Article 7 hereafter.

7. Commercial prospecting

At the time of creation of your user account and/or when subscribing to or using certain FLUIDITY services made available on the FLUIDITY websites and/or applications, you may eventually be asked about:

  • receiving information on current or future FLUIDITY products and/or services;
  • receiving information on the products and/or services of FLUIDITY partners;
  • receiving newsletters dedicated to certain themes (training, methods of collaboration, new work spaces, etc.) developed by FLUIDITY or its partners.

If applicable, you will be able to subscribe to each offer above by checking the boxes indicated for these purposes.

If you choose to subscribe to a newsletter or if you agree to receive direct offers from FLUIDITY (or from its partners) by email, you have the right to object to receiving any new newsletters or any new offers by direct email from FLUIDITY (or from its partners):

Regarding newsletters:

  • by either clicking on the hypertext link appearing in each newsletter received and reproduced hereafter “si vous ne souhaitez plus recevoir d’emails, vous pouvez vous désabonner” (if you no longer wish to receive emails, you may unsubscribe);
  • or, if you have created a user account, by using the subscription cancellation function which is provided in the “Mon Compte” / “Mes Préférences” (my account/my preferences) section.

Regarding direct prospecting by email:

  • by clicking the hypertext link intended for this purpose, appearing in each email of solicitation sent.

Regarding FLUIDITY products or services:

  • you may be contacted directly by email by the teams of FLUIDITY concerning products or services similar to those that we have provided to you via FLUIDITY websites or services. Under such circumstances, you are always able to object, free of charge, to any new solicitation by using the hypertext link intended for this purpose.

8. Information and exercising of your rights

In conformity with the provisions of articles 39, 40 and of the Law on Information Systems and Freedoms, you:

  • may send us any request for information relative to the FLUIDITY Privacy Policy and to the processing of your personal information;
  • have the following rights concerning your personal information:
    • right to information;
    • right of access;
    • right to express objection;
    • right to rectify, object, eliminate.

Your requests should be sent in writing or by email to the contact information indicated below, signed and accompanied by a photocopy of a piece of identification bearing the signature of the holder. The request should indicate the address where the response should be sent. We have a period of 2 (two) months following receipt of the request to respond.

143 avenue de Suffren
75007 PARIS

9. Security and confidentiality

FLUIDITY implements organizational and technical of security measures intended to guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of your personal information. All data stored on our servers is protected.

10. Transfer of Personal Information abroad

Within the framework of the purposes listed in Article 5, all or a portion of the Personal Information collected may be sent to recipients located in a country other than France.

FLUIDITY makes certain that your personal information is effectively protected. As such, all transfers are sent to recipients located:

  • in countries having, according to the criteria established by the European Commission, an adequate level of protection of personal data;
  • in countries not offering adequate personal protection but to which the transfer is done within the framework of standard contractual clauses specified by the European Commission, or by the adoption of “binding corporate rules”;
  • in the United States, provided that these recipients satisfy the conditions set forth by the “Privacy Shield” established by the United States Department of Commerce.

Privacy policy as of 05/31/2018

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